An Artistic Universe in Evolution


NegyhRâ, an enigmatic name that encapsulates the rich influences of her Persian origin and her travels around the world, presents herself as a multifaceted artist whose art fuses music and theater in a holistic artistic expression. Born in Iran and raised in Germany, her early childhood was marked by a painful escape with her mother and subsequent migration, which strongly influenced her artistic sensibility and expressiveness.

From an early age, NegyhRâ showed a passionate interest in music, receiving musical training from the age of three and being schooled in the intricacies of classical piano. This inclination for sound art later led her to share experiences and knowledge with local artists in Mexico, Colombia and Spain, countries in which she lived for many years, thus enriching her musical vision and understanding of diverse artistic forms.

Her search for artistic expression led her to study Dramatic Art at renowned institutions such as the RESAD in Madrid and the “Nouveau Colombier”, also in the Spanish capital. Committed to social projects, NegyhRâ has collaborated in art initiatives aimed at children and young people in vulnerable situations in different parts of the world, including Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia and Peru.


“Circo fantazztico” in Costa Rica.
“Disparate Magdalena” Colombia.
“Quijote para la vida” Peru.
The working children of Iquitos, Peru.

Her experience in these projects inspired her to capture her impressions in a book entitled “Under the skin of Perú”, which documents her collaboration with young Peruvians together with the company Tombuctú Teatro.

A voice with expressiveness and an international background

Throughout her career, NegyhRâ has been guided by musical masters such as Monika Kopp, Mamen Gallardo and Germana Giannini in singing, as well as by Hilde Leupold in classical piano. Her versatility as an artist is reflected in her skills on voice and piano, while her expressive personality merges with a passionate sensitivity and theatrical approach in her creations.

She was part of various theatrical and musical projects in Madrid and Seville and has consolidated her presence in the music world as co-founder of the musical project Oayim, in which they released an album in 2018.

Currently, alongside her main project “Canela & Clavo”, NegyhRâ embarks on an Afro-Latin dance project with “Las Flores de la Diáspora” and on a polyphonic singing project with “Las Cantareiras del Calabacino”, thus demonstrating her ongoing commitment to the exploration and fusion of different artistic expressions in her own holistic language.


Live Acts

Chile       Spain        Switzerland      Germany      France


Rincón del Búho, Sevilla
Asociación Cultural la Batería, Puebla del Río
El camerino, Sevilla
Entrevista TV Jerez “Lobato en compañía”
Espacio Duplicado, Sevilla
Trompeta Verde, Sevilla


Taberna Ánima, Sevilla
Allegro non troppo, Sevilla
La osa de enmedio, Sevilla
Sala Aquelarre, Sevilla
Centro Cultural Machado, Koln
Freudenhaus interieurs, Wiesbaden
Ateneo de Mairena, Sevilla


Gallo Rojo, Factoría de creación, Sevilla
Platea Odeón, Plaza de Armas, Sevilla
Espacios Berakah, Sevilla
Espai Sankofa, Valencia
Streaming Online, Zorra Estudio, Mairena
Zugvogel Festival 21, Eiffel
Kirschgarten, Mainz
Swane Café, Wuppertal
Café Mutz, Frankfurt
Lichtung, Koln
Café Colonius, Koln
Silent Rixdorf, Berlin
Poropati, Berlin
Artistania, Berlín
Parkhaus, Zürich
Auberges des vergers, Ginebra
Café Bayard, Grenoble


La casa en el aire, Stgo. de Chile
Espacio Incluir, Stgo. de Chile
Espacio-Tiempo, Pucón, Araucanía, Chile
Festival “Encuentro de las alternativas XXVIII”,
Mercado de las Chinas, Huelva
Encuentro de emprendedores Sierra de
Aracena, Huelva
“Jueves Musicales Almensilla 22”, Sevilla