Felipe Fernández:
Between Strings and Roots. Flamenco Guitar with a Latin American Soul


Felipe Fernández is a Chilean guitarist who combines his sensitive Latin American roots with the strength and weight of the flamenco guitar.

With roots anchored in Chile and a life in Spain, a country that has left an indelible mark on his style and his art, Felipe has developed a musical style that fuses the intensity of Flamenco with the warmth of Latin American music.

Born into a family of musicians of popular tradition, he begins at an early age with the classical guitar and is nurtured by the guitar scene of the Chilean capital and the folk music of his country and continent.

Felipe’s musical training is based on a solid foundation, having obtained his graduation in Flamenco Guitar at the “Conservatorio Cristobal de Morales” in Seville between 2015 and 2022, and studying at the “Fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco” during the period 2014-2015, thus consolidating his dedication to the deep roots of Flamenco.

Self-taught by nature, Felipe has expanded his musical knowledge through self-exploration and the guidance of various teachers, embracing the opportunity to learn from outstanding artists of different styles and disciplines. These include Daniel Muñoz, Juan Antonio Sánchez, Eduardo Rebollar and Niño de Pura, among many others. This formative diversity has contributed to forge his multifaceted musical style.

Ability to express the complexity of emotions through his music.

Armed with his flamenco guitar, Felipe has cultivated a unique sound that embraces a diversity of genres, including Fusion (World Music), Flamenco and Latin American Music. His ability to fuse these styles reflects not only his prowess on the guitar, but also his ability to explore and transcend conventional musical boundaries.

Felipe’s strengths as an artist are palpable in his ability to passionately express the complexity of emotions through his guitar and compositions. His music is a testament to his dedication to artistic excellence and his commitment to constant exploration, leading him towards new creative horizons.

In 2018 he founded with singer and pianist NegyhRâ the musical project “Canela & Clavo”, with which they recorded an album in 2019 and since then they have been developing an intense international activity.

Live Acts

Chile       Spain        Switzerlandz      Germany      France


Rincón del Búho, Sevilla
Asociación Cultural la Batería, Puebla del Río
El camerino, Sevilla
Entrevista TV Jerez “Lobato en compañía”
Espacio Duplicado, Sevilla
Trompeta Verde, Sevilla


Taberna Ánima, Sevilla
Allegro non troppo, Sevilla
La osa de enmedio, Sevilla
Sala Aquelarre, Sevilla
Centro Cultural Machado, Koln
Freudenhaus interieurs, Wiesbaden
Ateneo de Mairena, Sevilla


Gallo Rojo, Factoría de creación, Sevilla
Platea Odeón, Plaza de Armas, Sevilla
Espacios Berakah, Sevilla
Espai Sankofa, Valencia
Streaming Online, Zorra Estudio, Mairena
Zugvogel Festival 21, Eiffel
Kirschgarten, Mainz
Swane Café, Wuppertal
Café Mutz, Frankfurt
Lichtung, Koln
Café Colonius, Koln
Silent Rixdorf, Berlin
Poropati, Berlin
Artistania, Berlín
Parkhaus, Zürich
Auberges des vergers, Ginebra
Café Bayard, Grenoble


La casa en el aire, Stgo. de Chile
Espacio Incluir, Stgo. de Chile
Espacio-Tiempo, Pucón, Araucanía, Chile
Festival “Encuentro de las alternativas XXVIII”,
Mercado de las Chinas, Huelva
Encuentro de emprendedores Sierra de
Aracena, Huelva
“Jueves Musicales Almensilla 22”, Sevilla