Musiker Flamenco Etno Musik Weltmusik Canela y Clavo Negar und Felipe

World music and storytelling, inspired by Latin American music and flamenco.


Enchanting Sounds of Canela & Clavo: A Journey through Cultural Aromas, Rhythm and Emotion


Music to Light up the Soul

Musiker lateinamerikanisch Flamenco Etno und Weltmusik

Canela & Clavo, the artistic duo whose name evokes the aromas and flavors of Iran, Chile and Spain, stands as a vibrant fusion of cultures, stories and poetry.

Inspired by their roots and experiences, Canela & Clavo have woven a musical soundcarpet that celebrates the plurality of influences.

The theatrical and emotive essence of Iran, the passion of Spanish flamenco and the rich Latin American heritage converge in their work, creating a unique experience that, taking listeners on a sonic journey, embraces diversity and transcends cultural barriers.

A profound and exciting musical experience

NegyhRâ’s expressive voice, accompanied by Felipe Fernández’s musical prowess, becomes an enchanted vehicle that takes listeners on an intimate journey towards an emotive experience that connects them with their own heartbeat and with the heartbeat of the universe. Canela & Clavo not only seeks to offer music but to be the channel that connects others with the transcendental, fostering the connection with themselves and with others.
They long to transport the public to that place where harmonies can be magic, where notes can be stars; turning music into a tool to awaken sensibility. The result of this artistic search is a sensitive and aromatic music, full of colors and spices.

An Artistic Universe in Evolution: The Journey of NegyhRâ

NegyhRâ, a globally influenced artist, seamlessly integrates her diverse musical education, theatrical expertise, and social commitment into a distinct and compelling artistic language. Born in Iran and raised in Germany, NegyhRâ’s projects, including “Canela & Clavo,” “Las Flores de la Diáspora,” and “Las Cantareiras del Calabacino,” not only reflect her international perspective but also underscore her dedicated passion for artistic fusion.


Felipe Fernández: Between Strings and Roots. Flamenco Guitar with a Latin American Soul

Felipe Fernández, a virtuoso Chilean guitarist, blends the emotionality of his Latin American roots with the power of flamenco guitar, weaving a distinctive sound that captivates with its versatility and expressiveness.

Felipe Fernández

Live Acts

Chile           Spain          Swizerland          Germany        France 


Rincón del Búho, Sevilla
Asociación Cultural la Batería, Puebla del Río
El camerino, Sevilla
Entrevista TV Jerez “Lobato en compañía”
Espacio Duplicado, Sevilla
Trompeta Verde, Sevilla


Taberna Ánima, Sevilla
Allegro non troppo, Sevilla
La osa de enmedio, Sevilla
Sala Aquelarre, Sevilla
Centro Cultural Machado, Koln
Freudenhaus interieurs, Wiesbaden
Ateneo de Mairena, Sevilla


Gallo Rojo, Factoría de creación, Sevilla
Platea Odeón, Plaza de Armas, Sevilla
Espacios Berakah, Sevilla
Espai Sankofa, Valencia
Streaming Online, Zorra Estudio, Mairena
Zugvogel Festival 21, Eiffel
Kirschgarten, Mainz
Swane Café, Wuppertal
Café Mutz, Frankfurt
Lichtung, Koln
Café Colonius, Koln
Silent Rixdorf, Berlin
Poropati, Berlin
Artistania, Berlín
Parkhaus, Zürich
Auberges des vergers, Ginebra
Café Bayard, Grenoble


La casa en el aire, Stgo. de Chile
Espacio Incluir, Stgo. de Chile
Espacio-Tiempo, Pucón, Araucanía, Chile
Festival “Encuentro de las alternativas XXVIII”,
Mercado de las Chinas, Huelva
Encuentro de emprendedores Sierra de
Aracena, Huelva
“Jueves Musicales Almensilla 22”, Sevilla



Canela & Clavo Album


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Musiker Flamenco Etno Musik Weltmusik Canela y Clavo Negar und Felipe
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